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Amazing Rwandan Coffee: The special Premium beans from the country of thousand hills

The area under coffee cultivation is estimated at 35,600ha. Coffee is grown in all provinces of the country. The highest concentration of trees or plantations is located around the Kivu Lake. In general, coffee grows well and gives sufficient production in areas that meet the following conditions:

  1. Altitude: between 1,400 and 1,900 m.a.s.l
  2. Precipitation: between 1500 mm and 1600 mm per annum.
  3. Temperature: between 18 and 22°C
  4. Soils: acidity (pH) between 4.5 and 6, fertile, permeable and well drained (Len, 1987 and Coste, 1989).

Soils and climate are favourable to coffee production and quality. We can’t ignorant a big notified number of Coffee washing stations and regularly government support which are also playing an appreciable role to increase the production, productivity and good quality.

We offer you a good coffee that you cannot find anywhere else except in the land of thousand hills


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