Invest in Rwanda!

Rwanda is the easiest country to do business in East Africa.

Our interventions are the following:

  1. Organize your trip to Rwanda for exploration of business opportunities Book Your Trip
  2. Facilitate your stay (field visit and explanation on your sector of investment, meeting scheduled with potential authorities)
  3. Preparation of feasibility study, business plan and others necessary documents
  4. Recruitment of qualified staff and office arrangement

Why doing business in Rwanda is a smart strategy?

Rwanda offers an attractive environment to operate in or to run a business from.

Top 5 reasons to invest in Rwanda:

Sustained High Economic Growth

• 7.1% average year-on-year GDP growth since 2004, stable inflation and exchange rate
• 3 year GDP growth rate highest among major African economies and neighboring countries
Robust Governance
• A clear vision for growth through private investment set out by President Kagame (Vision 2020)
• Politically stable with well functioning institutions, rule of law and zero tolerance for corruption
Investor friendly climate
• Fastest global reformer of business regulations based on World Bank Doing Business Survey
• Most competitive place to do business in East Africa and 6th in Africa (WEF Global Competitiveness Report)
• Country credit rating upgraded to B by Fitch
• Among top 3 African countries in terms of internet connectivity (Ookla)
• Simple taxation, development of industrial parks and free trade zone, and creation of stock exchange
• Increasingly attractive destination for FDI – USD118 million in 2009 represents 14x increase from 2004
Access to markets
• Market of over 10 million people with a rapidly growing middle class
• A hub for rapidly integrating East Africa: located centrally bordering 3 countries in East Africa which has an existing Customs Union and a Common Market in 2010 for 550 million people in total
•Untapped Opportunities
• Potential opportunities for investment abound, particularly in the following sectors:

  1. Infrastructure: Opportunities in rail, air transportation to further develop Rwanda as an EAC hub
  2. Agriculture: Investment in tea and horticulture. Tea quality and tea growing conditions among the best in the world
  3. Energy: Power generation, off grid generation and significant methane gas opportunities

Tourism: Unique assets creating booming sector; growth potential in birding and business (conference) tourism Other attractive sectors include Real estate and construction, Financial services and Mining
Business in Rwanda
- Radical reforms which have made it easier for businesses to get credit, pay taxes, starting a business have boosted Rwanda’s ratings in the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business Report’.
- Rwanda is the 2nd most reformed country in the World, over six years, after Georgia (2005-2011).
- It came in 45th on the overall list, up from 58th last year.
- In 2011, Rwanda introduced about reforms to ease doing business in the country. It now takes 1 day to start business compared to 45-days average on the African continent, and 13-days for the rich countries to start a business.
- In 2012, the World Bank Doing Business report reflects Rwanda the 3rd easiest to do business in Africa after Mauritius, and South Africa.

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